Dear AMS: Global Warming Alarmist Previously Wanted Debate

Posted on April 8, 2012 by


As most folks reading this are already aware, the American Meteorological Society’s event for this Tuesday, April 10th, featuring government employees and global warming alarmists Phil Mote and Andreas Schmittner, will not be not be taking questions from the audience. There will be a Q&A of sorts, but it will be more like a politician’s town hall, where members of the audience will write their question down on paper and hand it to a moderator, who will then filter the questions and decide which ones will be asked.

Contrast that to the AMS event back on January 25th, where global warming “deniers” Gordon Fulks, Chuck Wiese, and George Taylor gave presentations to debunk global warming. At that event, direct questions from the audience were welcome.

One such gentleman who addressed the room during the Q&A was Andreas Schmittner himself. Even though he didn’t have an actual question, and instead attempted to debunk the debunkers, his input was welcome. After the event, he stuck around in the lobby, and several people from the crowd engaged him and his journalist friend.

During this post event discussion, Schmittner expressed his desire for an open debate, in public, on stage.

He also brought along a friend, who claimed to be a journalist, but refused to give his name or cite any works that he has done. He even does a masterful job of playing the class warfare card, while simultaneously targeting the oil companies.


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