Oh, The Humanity!

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A half-dozen terrorists in line to be extradited to the USA to face charges tried to get out of it by arguing that if convicted, they’d be subject to inhumane conditions at the Colorado Supermax prison.

Lawyers for radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza and five other men indicted in the U.S. on various terror charges between 1999 and 2006 argued that, should they be convicted in the U.S., they would face conditions of incarceration and length of prison terms that would amount to “inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,” in violation of article three of the European Convention on Human Rights.

You’ve gotta love it when terrorists suddenly become all concerned about human rights. Maybe they suddenly got religion?

No matter: by unanimous decision, the seven judges in the Strasbourg proceedings not only rejected the argument, they went further, noting that

The Supermax prison in Colorado where the most dangerous criminals in America are incarcerated provides prisoners with more generous services and activities than do most prisons in Europe, says the European Court of Human Rights.

Golly – the Great Satan treats its Supermax prisoners better than most European prisons, according to these European jurists. You know, our politicians may just be onto something: maybe we should emulate Europe – at least in some respects. It might be better to deny extradition for the time being, however – after all, we’re still stuck with Eric Holder, who’s never met a terrorist he didn’t like.
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