Revisiting The O.K. Corral

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In 2011, the Monument Fire ripped through the Huachuca Mountains in Arizona—land belonging to the U.S. Forest Service.  Following the fire, floods and torrential mudslides destroyed mountain spring water lines to the town of Tombstone.

Yessir, the United States Forest Service owns that land, and they not only allowed it to be decimated by wildfire – they also have it listed as “wild land”. This means that the town can’t bring in the equipment needed to restore the water lines, because, you see, even though the land was burned to a crisp, USFS rules don’t allow their precious “wild land” to be disturbed.

It gets better: with the spring-water supply taken out, the only water the folks in Tombstone have coming out of the taps is laced with arsenic. EPA sets the limit at ten parts per billion on account of the stuff being so toxic. The tap water’s higher than that in concentration, so in effect the government is poisoning the entire town (along with any tourists who happen through, and there are nearly half a million of them in any given year).

But y’see, the feds got rules for wild lands, and they don’t much care whether the place has been turned into a giant luau or not – now that they’re watching over it, there will by golly be no heavy equipment a-tearin’ up the burnt land in order to restore the town’s historical water supply.

It’s awfully sad that it’s come to this, but time and again it seems to come down to government agencies vs. US citizens. The folks in Tombstone may ultimately have to do a live-fire reenactment of their famous showdown at the O.K. Corral. And it may have to come to that in other parts of the West as well. Small wonder that sales of weapons and ammunition have skyrocketed during the past three years.

But when a government is willing to poison citizens rather than allow them to regain access to safe, clean water supplies – well, folks’re apt to get riled.
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