The Litmus Test-And How It's Killing The GOP

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This post may make some people angry, but then any worth while conversation in close relationships runs that risk. In my life I have valued those friends who have been honest with me-even if it was painful at the time. Sometimes we just need people to tell us the truth, and usually this kind of truth telling can strengthen the relationship.

I hope that you will read this post with that in mind. We have a BIG problem within the GOP-and this upcoming November it runs the risk of not just hurting the GOP-but the whole country.

If you think I am being dramatic-perhaps you have not been watching the present administration and their antics.

Obama and Medvedev

Secret Service And Call Girls In Columbia


Are you starting to see the trend here? Ok now that we are on the same page lets focus on the real problem. The real problem is that different factions of the GOP are calling the probable nominee, Mitt Romney, a RINO (Republican In Name Only), a Flip Flopper, and myriad other “not conservative enough” nicknames.

RINO Romney

In my life I have been involved with a number of subcultures. Now when I say “subcultures” I mean groups that are a sub-set of the culture at large. You could say that NASCAR dad’s are a subculture, Soccer Mom’s too, Hockey mom’s even could be described as a subculture. The subcultures generating the concerns I am referring to in this posting are the Conservative and Evangelical factions of the GOP at large. Many folks in these two groups feel that Romney is not conservative enough, and as a result had been supporting Rick Santorum (1).

Now that Santorum has left the race, where are those voters going? Are they going to vote come November? This is my main concern since I was told flat out by a local evangelical Christian that she would not vote in an election where a GOP candidate that she did not think was “conservative enough” was the nominee. This is evidently the widespread choice that gave Oregon’s CD1 David Wu term, after nutty term until his eventual resignation.

This brings me to the core question of this post-what exactly is conservative ENOUGH? I venture a guess that if you were to ask ten people in your circle of friends, even if they are all conservatives, as to what the term “conservative” means-you might get 10 slightly different answers. Therein lies the problem of expecting ANY candidate to be conservative “enough”. Every conservative has a slightly different reason for being conservative, some conservatives view other conservatives as RINO’s if they disagree with even one point of discussion. I know one person in my circle who had someone quit talking to them because they supported a candidate in a local election that was more moderate. Seriously! So, this November is weighing heavily on my mind. This November is the one that we really need to pull out all the stops for.

As Maine Republican Olympia Snowe reminded us when she said she would not seek another term in office, “Politicians have to ‘understand that you have to have tolerance for all philosophical views. It’s a big tent,’ Snowe said on MSNBC, pointing out that even President Ronald Reagan prescribed to that philosophy. ‘That’s going to be important for us in supporting a presidential candidate if we want to win.’” (2).

While I agree with Ms. Snowe, I will expand her quote to say this-we all need to have an understanding that part of living in a free society is a wide array of ideas. There is no reason that those of us who love liberty, freedom and a strong national defense cannot join others that treasure these things to form a strong, vibrant GOP. Who knows, perhaps we will even inspire a rash of GOP victories across the nation in 2013 if we achieve this goal by November-or at least get started!




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