We're On A Bus To Nowhere

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Harvard educated Jefferson Smith and his Bus Project are the darlings of the Portland Progressive community. But it appears that he was not smart enough to recognize national citizen journalist James O’Keefe as he and his hidden cameras boarded the Bus Project for two whole days this past year.

Now that Jefferson Smith is a front runner in the race to be Portland’s next Mayor, it appears that he is poised to fall like an ACORN in the soon to be released Bus Project scandal involving major improprieties with minors directly involving Smith.

– Rob North

And as if that’s not enough, another Democrat candidate, Charlie “Streetcar” Hales faces legal action (again) on a couple of fronts: Willamette Week breaks the news that a suit has been filed alleging that as a declared Washington State resident, Hales is ineligible to run for office. Left out of the story is that Hales may well be looking at felony charges as well: having moved to Stevenson, Wash. in an effort to avoid paying over $30,000 in Oregon income taxes – which is perfectly legal as long as none of that income was generated in Oregon – it appears that he continued to vote in Oregon elections, which, as it happens, is a felony violation of ORS 260.993.

You can only live in one state at a time. He swore under penalty of perjury and other sanctions that his true, fixed home was in Washington. Yet he continued to vote in Oregon elections as an Oregon resident. Either he’s a tax dodger (which given the sums involved is likely to be construed as a felony) or he lied in order to continue to vote in elections in a state in which he did not reside – also a felony under Oregon law.

That leaves only Eileen Brady, who was allegedly a “founder” of the New Seasons Market chain, as the remaining candidate deemed by the media to be “viable”. She, however, has her own set of problems: we know she lied; the question is when? Did she lie to the State when New Seasons was incorporated (by not being identified as a principal in the grocery chain), or has she been lying since by claiming to have been a co-founder? Obviously, she’s ethically challenged – as well, she appears to have poor judgement, in view of the fact that extreme leftists are on her campaign staff. Hard to run as a centrist when you surround yourself with the extreme Wrong.

This has got to be one of the bumpiest and most out-of-control bus rides in Portland campaign history.

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