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Well, and dogs, of course; let’s say you happen to be one. 1bustalk
Which roof would you rather occupy: the roof of Mitt’s car, or the roof of Barry’s mouth? Just askin’. I can tell you right now – if I’m a dog, that guy’s sitting way too close to me on the bus. I’m finding a different seat.

But, hey, PeTA’s giving Barry a pass on that whole dog/food thing, so it’s all good – though they do think he should eat more peas:

…grownups all should know by now the disgusting condition of slaughterhouses and fear and suffering that animals endure on factory farms and try a vegetarian diet that’s good for them, animals, and the environment,” Nicole Dao, a spokeswoman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

There’s only one little speed-bump on that road; it appears that eating meat was key to human evolution. Whoa, dang – that means that little honey-pie Nicole likely wouldn’t be around to regale us all with lectures about how to live our lives if it wasn’t for her meat-eating ancestors. That’s got to be hard for any self-important vegetarian do-gooder to wrap her head around. Especially one who’s likely never been to a farm, to a slaughterhouse, or (heaven forbid!) actually killed and eaten an animal.

It’s a particularly amusing experience to watch the self-righteous doing their spiel, as though it has never occurred to them that calorie for calorie, their wondrously “green” diet selection uses more petrol than a ranch, and the destruction of acres and acres of habitat – moving the duckies and the bunnies out of their homes forever just to cover it all in soybeans – is rampant.

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