WonderDog to the Rescue

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The Multnomah County elections director, Tim Scott, wasted no time on the Portland mayoral candidate Charlie Hales scam: in what has itself to be a candidate for the fastest “investigation” in County history, he concluded:

“Based on Mr. Hales’ answer that he considered himself to be temporarily away from Oregon and that the Washington Secretary of State’s office confirmed that he has never been registered to vote in Washington State, I have concluded that … Mr. Hales was eligible to be registered to vote and to vote in Oregon during the time he lived in Washington State.”

In other words, it’s all okay because Charlie said so. Amazing: the guy lives out of state for 5 years, files taxes as a Washington resident, signs a statement certifying to Oregon Department of Revenue that he is not an Oregon resident – and saves himself over $30,000 in taxes – but Mr. Tim doesn’t see any issue. The corruption hangs thick in this burg.
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