Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind

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The good times are drawing to a close for the “green energy” disciples. Subsidies are drying up. Spain, once the most prolific supporter of “green tech” teeters on bankruptcy, and have killed most subsidies as a result. Here in the USA, where wind and solar and light rail and all that got $110 billion between 2009 and 2011, they’re looking at maybe $40 billion between 2012 and 2014 – hardly enough for a decent CEO bonus.

This is really bad news for the Metro/Tri-Met/City of Portland light-rail mafia, as the gravy for their trains is winding down. They may actually have to come up with ways to pay for their “plans” themselves – which, in view of the fact that they’re broke, may force them to put a halt to their collective insanity.

They may even have to start charging people to ride their little two-car trains.

If that happens, then ridership – never significant anyway – is certain to decline. The loony $1.5 billion, seven mile “line” between Portland and Milwaukie could well be their last. As for the $150 million that’s been spent so far on “planning” a new Columbia River bridge with loot rail? That could well be dead in the water as well – especially since they now have to defend themselves in court.
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