There's a Killer On The Road

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Barky’s held more campaign fundraisers than the last five Presidents, combined.

This time around, Barky’s trying to capitalize on the killing of Osama bin Laden; painting an image of himself as glorious Leader, directing the troops, while dismissing the idea that Romney or anyone else would ever have had the guts to take bin Laden out. Even Ariana Huffington has ripped him for that, stating that to turn it into a campaign ad is one of the most despicable things you can do.

But since he’s taking credit for killings, let’s add up his list: he’s killed American citizens, and claims “full authority” to order such killings. He’s also working assiduously to kill our country’s relationships with our strongest allies while simultaneously destroying global respect for American integrity and resolve.Forward

He’s killing our economy, killing energy sources, killing hundreds of Mexicans and the occasional Border Patrol officer, and killing our environment.

He’s even killing our wildlife:

Bird enthusiasts are calling on the Obama administration to cease its devastating war on birds and reverse an obscure mining rule killing possibly a million or more birds a year.

And the solar arrays and windmills he insists upon kill even more wildlife – and in some cases, desecrate sacred grounds.

Wind turbines are decapitating golden eagles in California while federally financed solar projects threaten to kill hundreds of baby tortoisesdisrupt protected kit fox populations, and potentially desecrate a Native American burial site—consequences that could have been avoided, experts say.

He’s also killing our very climate.

Oh, occasionally, somebody has to get thrown under his bus for telling the truth, but overall, he’s assembled a truly astounding portfolio of destruction.

Of course, he told you that he intended to “fundamentally transform” America. And that, in all probability, is the only truthful statement he’s uttered.

Even if you’re one of those types who despises America but loves wildlife, like birds and bats and tortoises, while doing all you can to Save The Planet™, you cannot in good conscience cast a ballot to retain such a force for wanton destruction of all that you hold dear.

That would be hypocritical.
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