#KorruptKate Is At It – AGAIN! Kate Brown Screws Delinda Morgan Out Of $2500

Posted on May 2, 2012 by


Not content with screwing a mid level Republican candidate for state office, Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown has put her stamp on a Republican Congressional Candidate.

Delinda Morgan is running for the First Congressional District in Oregon. Now, for those of you outside the state, Oregon votes exclusively by mail. Every candidate is allowed to place a statement in the voter pamphlet that is delivered with the ballot, making their case for their candidacy for the office. A well written voter pamphlet statement is often the difference between victory and defeat. For congressional candidates, the two options are to either submit a petition to have the statement accepted, or pay a fee of $2500 to the Secretary of State.

So Mrs. Morgan decided to gather the 400 signatures required to petition to have her statement included in the voter pamphlet. Now, the regulation had been that when there was an invalid signature on such a petition (signature doesn’t match, voter moved and didn’t update their registration, etc.), the signature is rejected by drawing a line through it. When Mrs. Morgan submitted her petition, she was told that the rules had been rewritten. When a an invalid signature was found, not only was that signature rejected, but the ENTIRE SHEET of signatures was rejected. When that new rule was applied, Delinda Morgan was found not to have gathered enough signatures.

This caused Mrs. Morgan to have to make an immediate choice. In fact, her only choice was to pay the $2500 fee.

Normally, wild eyed speculation would be inappropriate, but given #KorruptKate’s highly partisan track record, one must ask the important question – would this rule have been equally applied to a Democrat candidate?

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