Obama’s ‘Life Of Julia’ Promotes Cradle-To-Grave Dependence On Government, Promptly Becomes Laughingstock of Social Media

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Have you met Obama’s new welfare queen spokeswoman, “Julia,” yet?

She’s downright “creepy,” as Paul Ryan so fittingly put it.  And that’s not all.

Michelle Malkin warns, “Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be ‘Julia’”:

Quick, hide under the covers. The nation’s storyteller, Barack Obama, unveiled a frightening new fable on the Internet intended to scare women away from supporting fiscal conservatives in November. But as is increasingly common with Obama’s social media propaganda initiatives, “The Life of Julia” immediately flopped.

Why? Because 1) self-sufficient women voters aren’t as sheeple-ish as Democratic strategists make them out to be, 2) conservative activistsare overtaking Obama’s zombie army online, 3) non-delusional Americans don’t want cradle-to-grave utopians turning their country into the next Greece or Spain, and 4) responsible grownups are getting sick and tired of radical Saul Alinsky-style tall tales from the progressive Pied Piper.

Using snazzy graphics and interactive slideshow features, BarackObama.com spins a glowing narrative of imaginary Julia’s lifefrom age 3 to 67. But “Julia” is a pathetic figment of the progressive imagination. She simply cannot function without the lifelong intervention of federal patriarchs.

[…]  After hyperventilating for months about the Republican “war on women,” Democratic new-media gurus inadvertently have exposed the real Barack Obama: a chauvinistic control freak who would tether every last woman and child to his ever-expanding, budget-busting Nanny State.

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Weasel Zippers adds some “Other fun facts about Julia” that the Obama campaign failed to mention:

She lives in a swing state that Obama repeatedly visits on “official” taxpayer-funded campaign trips.

She is a composite of Obama’s mistresses.

She nearly dies when her taxpayer-subsidized Chevy Volt catches fire.

At age 28 she tries dog meat for the first time, describes it as “tough.”

At age 41 she is knocked up by a Democrat running for president who then uses campaign funds to try and hide her existence.

At age 79 she falls victim to an Obamacare death panel after being diagnosed with cancer.

Of course, the #Julia hash tag quickly became the laughingstock of Twitter as conservatives unleashed their wit on Obama’s fictional Nanny State propagandist:

As Adam Martin of The Atlantic Wire observes, “Obama’s ‘Life of Julia’ Was Made to Be Mocked.”

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