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There’s a lot happening around the country, and Barky doesn’t have all that much to giggle about. In Florida, they’re investigating a subject near and dear to Barky’s heart ego: non-citizen voters.

MIAMI (CBS4) – In a new crackdown, Florida officials are investigating the citizenship of thousands of registered voters. CBS4 News has learned 2,000 of those potential non-citizen voters are registered in Miami-Dade County. At least one person on the list has had the opportunity to vote for the past 40 years.

Barky’ll probably need to get Eric Holder on this; it seems like a golden opportunity to sue another uppity state for daring to enforce the law. You know how Barky and Eric feel about that sort of thing.

And there’s more bad news: over in Indiana, Richard Mourdock nabbed 60% of the vote, knocking Senator Dick Lugar out of his comfy office. This is terrible, as Lugar’s been a reliable Barky ally on issues ranging from “globull warming” to letting the United Nations strip sovereignty away from the USA, and Mourdock’s not on board with any of that stuff. Worse yet, Mourdock was supported by the TEA Party types, who as Cher can tell you, are a bunch of racist homophobes. And everybody knows that the TEA Party types have been becoming increasingly irrelevant over the past couple of years.

Oh, about that: last year, the TEA Party Patriots took in some $12.2 million in donations, and are on track to garner even more in 2012. What a bunch of pathetic losers! No wonder that Lugar was so dismissive of them. Still, there’s a message that he failed to heed: betray the fundamental principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and your oath to uphold the Constitution at your peril.

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