Podcast: I Spy Minute – Obamacare comes to Marion County

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The first lurching step toward Obamacare is coming to Marion County–if two out of three “Republican” County Commissioners have their way.

We’ll be talking with the lone hold out this Saturday on the I Spy Radio Show, heard on KYKN, 11-noon.

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A few weeks back, I told you about my first personal experience with Obamacare.

The newly graduated Physician’s Assistant told my 88-year-old father in law—who survived prostate cancer—that if the new theory had been in place 13 years ago—he wouldn’t have been treated for it, since most men over 75 die of it anyway.

This week, we’re going to be talking about CCO’s: Coordinated Care Organizations—one of the first steps toward Obamacare.

A CCO will have complete control over medical treatments, adding layers of bureaucracy designed to save costs not lives.

Right now, Marion County is pushing to be the first in the state to implement a CCO.

All three Marion County Commissioners are Republicans. Janet Carlson and Sam Brentano have already signed a letter of intent.

But it’s not too late since the deal isn’t finalized. While Janet is too far gone, maybe Sam can see the light—especially since he’s up for re-election.

Patti Milne is the lone holdout. We’ll be talking with her this Saturday, 11-noon on the I Spy Radio Show here on KYKN.

For the I Spy Minute, I’m Mark Anderson.

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