Rules, Regulations, Economy, and Your Life

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As you may have noticed, the economy isn’t really going anywhere – it doesn’t matter what the government tells you, you see it all around you. It’s dead, Jim. With all the blather about “job creation”, constantly trumpeted by every candidate for every office, including dog-catcher, why isn’t it happening?

One word:


As Ronald Reagan so succinctly put it, “Government is the problem.” They set up agencies, staffed by lifetime bureaucrats, who then write rules with no Executive or Legislative oversight. At present, less than half-way through 2012, some four thousand new rules are already in the pipeline. And the net effect of all of this rule-making is economic strangulation.

The Environmental Protection Agency is among the most egregious, and numerous examples of their overreach can be found at a glance. From energy generation to construction to the local hardware store, their impedance touches nearly every aspect of American life today – and most is entirely unnecessary.

“I don’t think that with all of the different regulations coming out of Washington, which are supposed to be for the general betterment, that they realize the adverse effects,” Chapdelaine said. “Look at the shipping regulations they put on spray paint. It means we can’t buy that product in bulk anymore because it’s regulated as a hazardous material.”

For example, the EPA is reviewing 330 regulations covering things such as farm and construction dust to carbon dioxide emissions, Patterson said.

“Our stance is, let’s rein in some the regulations being created, and let small business owners get back to creating jobs,” Patterson said. “If the government could foster an environment where business can grow and add jobs, our small businesses can hire people in their communities and put people back to work.”

Unfortunately, our media and schools push the extremism promoted by groups such as Sierra Club and 350. With increasing frequency, we’re seeing indoctrinated high-school students, prodded on by Leftist groups, bringing litigation against governments over global warming climate change.

Of course, it’s not just federal agencies and rabid protectionists at work – state and local governments have gone deep into the regulatory environment as well, and even land-owners who do the “green” thing often attract their ire, as a resident of Longview, Wash. discovered when he erected a windmill on his acreage.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that in order to effect at least a degree of sanity in government, it’s going to be necessary to elect individuals with the backbone to begin reducing the scope of many agencies at the local, state, and federal levels – and dismantling some entirely. The Left’s always looking to yell and slobber, anyway. Let’s give ’em something to scream about.

Then warm up their bottles and put them to bed.
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