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That band of racist homophobe teabaggers (apologies if any relevant Leftist insults were omitted), fresh off a resounding victory in Indiana – where they ousted an entrenched Dick Lugar, who was beloved by the likes of John Kerry – are now turning their attention to Texas in hopes of removing yet another entrenched career politician. Unsurprisingly, panic is starting to set in among career politicians in both parties.

In the Texas run for US Senate, TEA-backed Ted Cruz is presently behind in his run against David Dewhurst, but that’s small comfort to Dewy, who’s desperately trying to dig up dirt against Cruz. The teabagger bigots, however, are hard-core advocates for responsibility and Constitutionally limited government – and they vote.

Despite persistent efforts to denigrate and otherwise marginalize them, the movement is growing. Unlike the so-called “occupie movement” (which is funded by SEIU and other unions, along with communists and other groups), the TEA party is an actual grass-roots movement with a common set of easily-understandable purposes: to rein in government, regain fiscal responsibility, and reinstatement of the Constitutionally limited government that built America to greatness. No wonder career politicians are scared: the American people have awakened.

And they want their country back.
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