Podcast: I Spy Minute – Stop CCOs

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Coordinated Care Organizations are Obamacare on the local level. Think of it is as ACORN standing between you and your doctor.

The Oregon Health Authority (by the way, don’t you love that name for a Department? It brings back such fond memories of Germany in, oh, the 1930s) has implemented CCOs and Marion County is rushing to be the guinea pigs. Despite no money to fund it (other than a handshake Kitzhaber and Obama agreement–and we all know how much that means), no idea on how to pay the multiple levels of non-medical bureaucrats making healthcare decisions.

Call or write the Marion County Commissioners–today! They vote on this on Wednesday. Go here for their contact info http://tiny.cc/m53aew

Take a listen: I Spy Minute Mon May 14 2012

Or read the transcript below.

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If you heard the I Spy Radio Show over the weekend, you got a taste of the Coordinated Care Organization that two out of three Marion County commissioners are rushing to sign on to—despite plenty of unanswered questions.

The Coordinated Care Organization adds layers of bureaucrats between you and your doctor, such as: a Peer Wellness Specialist to assess your support needs, a Personal Health Navigator to enable you to make healthcare decisions, there’ll even be a Home Care Commission.

This sets up enormous new bureaucracies, with non-medical personnel making healthcare decisions. (That won’t do anything to liability insurance will it?)

Why are we paying bureaucrats not doctors? And why are we rushing into this?

A vote is scheduled for this Wednesday. Call or write your commissioners—today. Tell them what you think and to slow this down for more public comment.

You can also attend the meeting in person at 1115 NE Commercial St in Salem, this Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.

See ispyradio.com and head to the Current Show tab for contact info for the commissioners.