Podcast: I Spy Minute – Confusion Reigns so Let's Rush it Through

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Government seems to love to rush pellmell into something without fully understanding the implications of the bill they just had to pass.

Case in point with the CCO’s (Coordinated Care Organizations): no one seems to have all the answers about what it all means but we’re being told the county has to sign on to it. And sign it now.

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There is a lot of confusion over the Coordinated Care Organization that two out of three Marion County Commissioners are pushing to have the county sign on to.

And that’s the problem. No one really seems to have all the answers, so why are they rushing into this?

For example, several prominent local politicians have been adamantly saying this is only about Medicaid.

And that’s true. Sort of. This first phase is about Medicaid, but it’s clear that Medicare and state workers are next. Just ask the governor who said exactly that.

I’ll be on Bill Post’s show today, at 12:30 to talk more about this but public comment needs to be sent in today. The vote for this is tomorrow.

See our website, Ispyradio.com for contact information.  

There’s also a meeting tomorrow at 9 a.m. at the clerk’s office, at 1115 NE Commercial Street in Salem. 

At this rate, it wouldn’t surprise me that they trot out a dog and pony show tomorrow to convince you how much you need this.

Isn’t funny how the stated goal of this is to put more control in the hands of the community but they’re not asking the community what they want?