Podcast: I Spy Minute – Advice for the Winners

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Congrats to the winners of last night’s contested primaries! Now here’s a little advice for the winners.

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Congratulations to the winners of last night’s contested primaries. It’s the first step on a very public journey in a very public job.

In other words, we’ll be watching you. That’s our job as voters.

This is especially true for the media. The moment someone in the media stops questioning and instead looks for talking points to support their favorite politician is the moment they’re no better than Chris Matthews.

If I could offer one piece of advice to those running, it would be to put aside your pride.

Eventually, you’ll take a vote that had good intentions but turns out to be a bad idea on closer inspection.

Rather than admit they made a mistake, too many officials dig in their heels, saying what a good idea it really was and that the public just doesn’t get it.

And that’s what breaks trust. Because the message is that people aren’t smart enough to see what they’re really seeing.

These aren’t moments of weakness they’re opportunities to build trust.

What makes America great is that we can and do and should questions our politicians. The moment we’ve lost that, we’ve lost what it means to be an American.