Podcast: I Spy Minute – Forecasting

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The ability to forecast and foresee unintended consequences is key to any business manager. We expect the same out of politicians. If only they’d used that fundamental business concept when they rushed through Oregon’s Coordinated Care Organizations.

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Business managers are expected to forecast. In other words, they need to choose which strategies will make a company profitable and reject those that won’t.

The same is true for the politicians who should have more carefully considered the long-term effects of coordinated care organizations before passing it into law.

Not only will CCOs bring Obamacare to Oregon early, they’re designed to continue even if Obamacare is struck down.

For the many Republican leaders that passed this, what do you think will happen when word gets out that Oregon is the only state in the nation with socialized medicine.

What will that do? Imagine the impact that will have on companies considering moving here. Or on the companies that are already here.

And think about other unintended consequences, like people with very expensive conditions moving here and expecting immediate treatment.

If you thought you had a hole in the budget before, just wait a year.

It’s a sign of true leadership to admit when mistakes happen, and work to fix it. Especially since your own party platform opposes Obamacare.