Oregon Education Association Isn't Hiding It Anymore, Brags About Teaming With Occupy And Socialists

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We’ve previously pointed out that the teacher strikes in East Multnomah County have been coordinated behind the scenes with Occupy Portland and the International Socialists Organization:

Oregon Save Our Schools – Affiliated With Socialists And Occupy?

At first, it appeared that the OEA wanted at least to maintain some separation for the purposes of plausible deniability, knowing the bad press that the Occupy movement had created with the vermin, rapes, drug use and open raw sewage in their encampments.

REA members join Occupy Portland

However, that has changed. The Oregon Education Association has fully embraced the socialist message of Occupy Portland:

How Occupy Helped Labor Win on the West Coast
Salonreports on how labor causes and the Occupy movement have recently (but not entirely) overlapped: “unions increasingly rely on political, media, community and consumer pressure campaigns for leverage over employers.”

History of Occupy Together
How the Occupy Wall Street movement got started | Mother Jones
A Framing Memo for Occupy Wall Street | Huffington Post

Teach, Learn, Follow Occupy Together
Why are protesters occupying Wall Street? What are they protesting, and what are their goals? In this lesson from the New York Times Learning Network, students are introduced to Occupy Wall Street and then investigate the movement more deeply.

5 Resources for Teaching About Occupy Wall Street from Humane Connections.

Teach – Occupy Wall Street is a Facebook group for sharing ideas.

Why Occupy Together Has Gone Viral
OEA’s report on the economy & state revenue and how it has led to the frustrations that help fuel the Occupy Together movement.

A recent letter from NEA to U.S. Rep Peter DeFazio from Oregon and Senator Tom Harkin from Iowa summarizes how Wall Street prospers and causes deficits while Main Street suffers and bears the costs: “some policy makers want to balance the budget on the backs of working families, children, and seniors. We simply cannot demand more from those barely scraping by while continuing to give Wall Street a free pass.” The letter encourages passing a speculation tax on Wall Street.

Watch live streaming video of the ongoing protests.

Got Twitter? Search for #occupytogether#ows (stands for “Occupy Wall Street”).

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Ah yes, Occupy has helped win friends and influence people in labor fights on the West Coast. Just ask Longview, Washington how well that went.

It’s absolutely reprehensible that the OEA would partner with the Occupy movement. That our teachers are being encouraged to adopt the tactics of the ILWU

REA members join Occupy Portland

is not going to help their cause. In the working class communities served by the Reynolds School District, parents are getting fed up with these bully tactics. This community is being torn apart, and the parents want it to stop.