Obama's 'Thingamajig' Economic Stimulus Idea Stimulates Plenty Of Hilarious Online Mockery

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Obama Economic Plan: Go Buy A Thingamajig

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Sometimes he just makes it too easy!

Becket Adams reports at The Blaze:

While stumping in Golden Valley, Minn., President Obama told a group of Honeywell employees that his proposed tax breaks would help them afford “thingamajigs” for their furnaces.

“There are some folks here who could use $3,000 a year,” President Obama said. “If you got $3,000 dollars a year extra, that helps you pay down your credit cards, that helps you go out and buy some things that your family needs — which is good for business.”

“Maybe some of you will be replacing some thingamajig for the furnace,” the president said to laughs and applause.

“They’ve been putting that off! But if they got that extra money, they might just go out that and buy that thing, right?”

Of course, the staff at Twitchy wasn’t about to let this go without first having a good laugh.

“Hush with your worry about the abysmal jobs report and the worsening economy, people. Just go buy some thingamajigs already!” the Twitchy staff writes.

“Maybe buy some widgets to inflate your tires, too. We guess President Obama forgot that sometimes, at a certain point, you’ve earned enough thingamajigs.”

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