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Next week public officials from countries like France and China and plenty of others who don’t like us will be meeting in Rio (where Agenda 21 was spawned 20 years ago) to decide America uses our own natural resources—like coal and oil, or even our most renewable resource: timber.

Isn’t that like the Yankees telling the Red Sox which players they can hire?

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Next week is Rio Plus 20, the latest Earth Summit, where 1000s of UN and public officials will fly from all over the world to gather in Rio de Jainero

And discuss how and if sovereign countries should be allowed to use their natural resources.

That’s right. France, Pakistan, Iran, China, and dozens of other countries who don’t like us will all be able to weigh in on how we Americans access our own natural resources.

And note the delicious irony of this: a conference on resources attended by public bureaucrats paid by public monies, which means they’ve spent none of their own personal resources to get there.

Plus, it’s being held in Brazil, a country that just opened up new oil fields.

Speaking of oil and natural resources, this week on I Spy Radio, we’re going to replay our North Dakota show, a state that is using its resources and is filled with excitement and budget surpluses as jobs spread like wild fire.

That’s tomorrow 11 to noon. Join us and get a little more intelligence on big government.