Social Media Is Key To Winning In 2012

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The Social Media Revolution

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59.5 percent of the news people get via social media is from Facebook, and most of that is from their family and friends posting new links.   A conservative who posts links on their page to news stories or quality commentary that traditional media channels ignore is doing their friends a favor.  Many of them would never had heard about it otherwise.

Breaking News can make it around the globe a dozen times on Twitter before the traditional media even has time to shape the narrative in their  favor.   Websites like Twitchy help conservatives to stay on top of which leftist narrative is currently being “pwned” and let you join in on the fun.

There are several reasons why it is so crucial for conservatives to use Facebook and Twitter to help educate their friends and family in the months leading up to the election:

Debbie Lawrence explains at Social Media Today:

People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. To put that number in perspective, that’s roughly how long it would take the every single person living in Tampa, FL (population 335,709 in 2010 according to the U.S. Census Bureau) to earn a standard, four-year bachelor’s degree online.

Granted, to rack up those numbers it takes Facebook’s 750 million users (or 310 million daily unique users) and assumes that the hypothetical online students are online 24/7, but the point, or rather the question, is: Are people really getting anything out of Facebook? Out of social media, in general?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is so dramatically changing the way we learn and how we get our news that Encyclopedia Brittanica is wrapping up its print edition after 244 years and nearly half of all Americans get some form of news online at least three times per week.

[…] News organizations are adapting to give social media lovers what they want, but these markets are as diverse as they are demanding. For those who do get their news from social media sites, there are different desires and formats needed for each demographic/user group, requiring targeted sharing techniques for maximum effect:

  • On Facebook, 70 percent get most of their news from friends and family, versus the only 13 percent who get it from news organizations and journalists, 10 percent who get news from non-news organizations and nine percent who aren’t sure.
  • On Twitter, only 36 percent get news links from friends and family, as opposed to the 27 percent who get it from traditional news orgs and journalists, the 18 percent who get it from non-news organizations and the 19 percent who simply don’t know.

The simple truths behind all of this: We are living in the Information Age, and the methods for the dissemination of information are constantly changing and rapidly evolving. With around one in four Americans getting news almost exclusively from mobile devices in the last year, something that wasn’t even remotely possible twenty years ago, this evolution has never been more apparent. One can only hope that real news continues to be valued, and that the lowest common denominator doesn’t dictate what’s news.

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Social media is how conservatives can bypass the traditional leftist media gatekeepers and get their message out to the American people.  It’s how we can thoroughly vett candidates that the media refuses to.

So get your Facebook and Twitter accounts ready to roll!   This is how the November election will be won.

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