CCO's Back in the News

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CCO’s those non-Obamacare Obamare programs are back in the news.

Coordinated Care Organizations are the “triumph” of Gov. Kitzhaber, ensuring Obamacare will continue even if the Supreme Court strikes it down–or at least that’s the basis for an article in today’s Statesman-Journal.

Funny. I thought all those 23 of 30 Republicans in the house who voted for this swore it wasn’t Obamacare.

Take a listen: I Spy Minute June 21 2012

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Well, Coordinated Care Organizations, or CCOs are back in the news.

A CCO is designed to integrate health care services and to miraculously save money while adding layers of bureaucracy between you and your doctor.

The republicans who support CCOs all say it’s not Obamacare—which is kind of funny because every time the democrats talk about it, they make sure to mention that it is Obamacare.

According to the Statesman Journal “It’s full speed ahead with health care reform in Oregon regardless (of the supreme court’s decision),”

That’s the same kind of logic that got us where we are today. No Matter how big of a financial hole we’re in, let’s keep right on digging!”

Plus, “In a friend-of-the-court brief Oregon’s former Attorney General argued that before it strikes down the whole law, the court should consider the time and effort many states have already put into this.”

That’s their best argument?

That’s like saying, before you condemn our house that has no foundation and is built on an annual flood plain, please consider all the work we’ve put into this.

That’s the epitome of government stupidity… justifying wasteful spending on bad decisions.