Agenda 21 in Action – The Assault in Coos County

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We hear a lot about Agenda 21, which often sounds either conspiratorial or theoretical. It’s this “thing” that’s out there.

But right now, the people in Coos County are under assault by the environmental crowd, working in conjunction with State and Federal agencies. It’s Agenda 21 put into action. And real people are being impacted.

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The more you dig into the environmental movement, the less it seems to have anything at all to do with nature.

Unless you mean human nature, in which case the environmental movement is chock full of that.

What started as a legitimate movement to conserve and protect natural areas—especially during a time when our society was rapidly expanding and not thinking about the environment—has grown into a movement that cares more about the green of dollar bills than the green of nature.

This week on the I Spy Radio Show, we take you to Coos County, which is under assault by the environmental movement, including such saintly groups as the Nature Conservancy, which uses the same sort of market schemes for land swaps that has turned carbon credits into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Working with state and federal governments, they’re slowly snapping up land to put it off limits. We talk about Agenda 21, but here it is in action.

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