ORP Convention Chaos

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What should have been a day of unity, turned out to be a complete embarassment to the Oregon Republican Party. The ORP Congressional District Conventions ended in chaos when Allen Alley pulled the plug after only three votes, leaving the votes for the alternate delegates and alternate congressional district delegates to be determined by a vote of the ORP executive committee.

Take a listen: I Spy Minute Mon June 25 2012.

Ore read the transcript below…

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Saturday’s District Conventions ended in chaos and were a complete embarrassment. When things dragged on, Allen Alley adjourned the meeting with two rounds of votes still remaining.

The Ron Paul people were better organized and getting their slate of delegates through.

As delegates these Ron Paul supporters are pledged to vote for Romney and Santorum but the ORP and others are concerned they won’t honor their pledge.

With good reason. There is a lawsuit right now to unbind delegates from their pledges so they can nominate Ron Paul.

The Ron Paul people accused Romney of pulling the plug. But the responsibility lies solely with Allen Alley—who is a Romney supporter—but don’t blame Romney for the bad decisions of Alley.

That gives Romney the same unfair treatment that Ron Paul gets because of the bad behavior of some of his supporters.

What they should have done was to discuss this at the beginning of the meeting. Because the agenda was set as an official order of the Chairman, motions to extend would not be entertained, which follows Roberts Rules of Order.

That way, there would be no surprises. Once again, the Republicans fail miserably on the communication end.