More ORP Convention Wrap-Up

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For those still not sure what happened Saturday at the Republican conventions around the state, here’s a look at what’s supposed to happen–and what happened Saturday.

Take a listen: I Spy Minute Tue June 26 2012

Or read the transcript, below…

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During the primary, the voters vote for their choice of presidential candidate.

Each candidate is then awarded a set number of delegates based on the outcome of that vote. Romney got 19, Ron Paul and Santorum 3 each, and Gingrich got 1.

At the district conventions, the PCPs elect delegates who are pledged to a candidate; in other words, 19 for Romney, three for Ron Paul, and so on.

But on Saturday, Ron Paul supporters secretly ran under the pledge to vote for Romney and Santorum.

Better organized, they voted through their slate of candidates while the votes for true Romney supporters were split among 40 other contenders.

After just round one, Ron Paul supporters held 8 of 10 delegate positions when they should have had 3.

According to Ron Paul himself, they expect 500 delegates at the national convention when he only won just 140.

Is this illegal? No. As long as they honor their word and nominate the candidate they’re pledged to.

What they want is to sit on the rules and platform committees.

And personally, I think the Republicans could learn a thing or two about organizing from them.