The Ron Paul Disenfranchisement

Posted on June 27, 2012 by


The Ron Paul followers greatly out-organized the rest of the Republicans at Saturday’s convention and managed to elect 8 of 10 of their delegates using a Trojan Horse strategy–posing as Romney or Santorum supporters.

While one has to admire their organizational abilities and tenacity, there are some problems doing things this way.

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At the Oregon Republican convention, Ron Paul supporters ran as delegates pledged to Romney or Santorum.

Under this Trojan-horse guise, 8 of 10 delegates elected were actually Ron Paul Supporters when he only won three delegates in the state primary.

This is happening all over the country. The Paul campaign estimates they’ll have 500 delegates, four times as many as he actually won.

The majority of Ron Paul people I know say they’ll uphold their pledge to vote for Romney and what they really want is just a seat at the table during the convention, which will decide the party platform. And I support that.

However, he’ll have far greater representation than what the primaries reflected and will disenfranchise millions of voters who voted in good faith for their candidate’s platform.

The unfortunate side of things is how they went about this. By operating in secret, and not declaring themselves, they are probably doing more damage to their movement over the long-term.

Essentially, what they’re setting up is a case of a small minority forcing something on the majority. Isn’t this exactly what the Ron Paul people hate about Obama?