Obamatax and Independence

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Was Chief Justice Roberts so brilliant yesterday that he handed us the dagger to cut out the heart of Obamacare once and for all? Some seem to believe just that.

It’d be nice to think, but to make such a broad assumption and to uphold a law that should have been struck down on the hope the American people will oust the leaders who forced this on us is the epitome of arrogance.

We’ve thrown off such leaders in the past–and what better time to talk about this than the Fourth of July.

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With yesterday’s ruling on Obamatax, some, such as Charles Krauthammer, have called Chief Justice Roberts a brilliant strategist.

The theory goes that he wanted to keep the Supreme Court “above the fray” and that if we, the people, don’t like a law, then we need to change who we put into office.

But Roberts put the burden on conservatives to act. Had he  ruled against it and said, “The only way you could pass this monstrosity would be to call it a tax.”

That would have kept our system in place and forced the left to regroup and try to pass Obamacare as a tax.

Tomorrow on the I Spy Radio Show, it’s our annual Fourth of July Show. Despite what happened yesterday, America is still the best stronghold for hope and freedom

Because we can and will change our leadership. And this may indeed prove to be the final pendulum push to get us back on track.

We’ll talk with Greg Leo, the Chief of Staff of the Oregon Republican Party about Obamatax, what happened at last Saturday’s convention, and, most importantly, about the founding of this country, and why it’s so important to defend it.

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