Obama Lied About Obamacare Tax Hike, Largest In History

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As I’ve said repeatedly, social media is key to educating the voters and winning this election.   Each of these brief, hard-hitting YouTube clips exposes the truth that taxpayers need to understand before they cast their ballot in November.

Watch and then share them on Facebook and Twitter.  Make them go viral.  Winning the election is our last chance to repeal this before it’s too late!

From Americans For Prosperity: Not A Tax Increase?

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From the RNC: Just Another Broken Promise

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From Mister Smith Media: Obamacare = Obamatax

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This one is an oldie but goodie, using clips of Democrats’ own words to remind Americans that the plan all along has been to bankrupt the insurance industry and force all Americans into a Single-Payer Socialist system:

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