Christmas on the 4th

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Happy Fourth of July! We hope you’ll take the time to find a copy of the Declaration of Independence and read it today–not unlike reading the Christmas Story on Christmas.

Take a listen: I Spy Minute Wed July 4 2012 or read the transcript below…

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Celebrating July Fourth without remembering the Declaration of Independence is like celebrating Christmas without remembering Christ.

Many of the concepts in the Declaration were not new; these were the dreams of a republic tracing back to ancient Rome and Greece.

What was new was that for the first time ever, a nation not only declared that it was free of its former sovereign but would exist from this time forward under these republican ideals.

These include an opposition to monarchy and tyranny; that governance must be founded on the rule of law and on the rights of individuals—not the whim of the sovereign; and that the rights of the governed were more important than those of the government.

If you’re looking for an Old-Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration, you’re in luck. Come to the historic Newell House at Champoeg Park today from 4 to 6 pm.

There’ll be homemade pies, patriotic music, a reading of the Declaration of Independence, Historians, and more.

And, unlike our freedom, this event is free.

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