It's 1988 All Over Again

Posted on July 9, 2012 by


If a future “you” could come back and warn you about what is about to happen, would you listen? Maybe.

You are that “future you.” You’re looking back at 1988 and you have the benefit of all that history to learn from.  The question is, will you learn from it?

Take a listen: I Spy Minute Mon July 9, 2012. Or read the transcript below.

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In 1988, the final year of the Reagan administration, if you had told the American people that they would be giving up large parts of their sovereignty and handing it to the U.N. they would have thought you were crazy.

Four years later, George H Bush signed the Rio Accords— better known as Agenda 21.

This was not a formal treaty. It’s known as soft law because it’s not formally passed by a legislative body.

Instead, administrative rules decided by unelected bureaucrats carry the weight of law.

The soft law sets policy based on UN policy. This is like McDonald’s allowing Burger King to set its business model.

And look at how pervasive sustainability and all things “green” have become—and the war against coal and oil. Or how difficult and expensive it is to get a building permit. This is Agenda 21.

Right now, the US is considering another UN agreement that would ban the sale or ownership of semi-automatic guns, confiscate any “unauthorized” guns, and require an international registry of all guns.

Think we’d never do that? How 1988 of you.