Why the UN does what it does

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We wonder why the our state government does what it does. We wonder even more why the feds do what they do. And then the UN makes its decisions.

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Polls show the more local the government, the better it’s liked—because it’s more responsive and more responsible.

It’s one thing to write a letter to your Congressman you know he’ll never read—quite another when your mayor lives three doors down from you.

As you move up the chain, your representation is diluted by people you don’t know—and chose not to live next to.

You begin to doubt the water quality of neighboring cities when they elect someone you know to be a confirmed idiot to county commissioner.

Then you suspect they’re drinking something a lot stronger than water in other counties when a badly trained monkey is a better choice for state senator.

By the time you get to the federal level, it’s clear Oregon has a serious drinking problem.

The UN, then, is the aggregate effect of all the world’s worst governing bodies—combined.

This explains why the UN—despite finding Iran guilty of illegally shipping guns and bombs to Syria, which is using them to kill thousands of its own people—could put Iran on the committee to oversea the international gun control treaty.

That’s right. According to the UN, Iran will help decide whether you get to keep your gun.