Why Obama hates Bain Capital

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Obama’s attack on Romney for his time at Bain don’t make sense–or, more to the point, his lack of time at Bain Capital don’t make sense. After all, Romney wasn’t even at Bain when all these “evil things” took place.

Except they do make sense when you understand Obama.

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Obama is accusing Romney of shipping jobs overseas. Except Romney wasn’t running Bain Capital anymore when that happened.

Somehow, Obama doesn’t understand that simply because you have an ownership stake in a company, it doesn’t mean you’re running it.

But what can you expect from a guy who’s never owned a business in his life?

Or, for that matter, what can you expect from a guy whose entire presidential career has been spent blaming someone who’s no longer in charge for his problems?

There are two ways to make an athlete and they both depend on the condition of the athlete at the beginning of training.

You don’t starve an underweight athlete … and you don’t feed an overweight one.

The same is true for businesses. If an investment company buys a company, they feed one that’s starving and cut costs for overweight companies to make them efficient.

Let’s face it. What Romney’s really under attack for is his cost-cutting.

Because there’s nothing a dyed in the wool, never-signed-a-paycheck, only-worked-for-the-government liberal hates or fears more than cutting budgets.


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