As We Used To Call It In Chicago, "Another Friday Night"

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Another Friday Night

In Chicago:

At least 21 people were shot, three fatally, across the city Friday night and Saturday morning.

Horrific as the massacre in Aurora, Colorado was (and is), it’s worth noting that in Chicago (which only recently had its gun ban overturned after many years of implementation) more are killed and wounded in the space of four weekends.  Of course, the media swarm all over the Aurora event, desperate to score political points. They ignore Chicago. Not sexy enough, apparently.

Something has happened in the Leftist media in the past few decades. When Richard Speck was murdering nursing students in Chicago, no media outlets tried to tie him to right-wing or conservative political views. They didn’t do it with Charlie Manson, either, nor with the Texas A&M shooter.

But starting with the shooting of Gabby Giffords and others, the lamestream have gone out of their way to tie – in any way possible – the shooter to conservatives. Unsurprisingly, then, ABC was first out of the gate in the wake of the Aurora mayhem to tentatively link the shooter to the Tea party. After all, “everybody knows” that they’re racist, homophobic terrorists, unlike the peaceful, upstanding “Occupy” crowd whom they support.

Eventually, ABC offered a tepid, half-baked “apology” for “incorrectly reporting” a Tea party link.

Note to ABC and political activist Brian Ross:

Apology not accepted.