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No excuse not to be involved this week. There’s the protest rally during the president’s visit, and US Fish & Wildlife wants your input on their grand ideas to take land from private property owners.

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If you’re looking to get involved, there’s a lot happening this week. On Tuesday, President You-didn’t-build-that Obama is swinging through Portland as part of his let’s-not-build-that campaign.

Americans for Prosperity will be holding a counter protest to support coal miners who are being attacked by the green regime.

The rally will start at 11:00 a.m. at the South Park Blocks between SW Columbia and SW Clay on SW 9th.

And on Wednesday and Thursday, the US Fish & Wildlife Service has a travelling road show, in Salem, and Eugene, respectively.

Currently, in Coos County, they’re trying to buy up 4600 acres of land that has a real market value of 24.5 million dollars.

This isn’t abandoned land that’s just sitting there. It’s active farmland currently in use.

They say they want people to come in and give them input on their plans to do land swaps.

Here’s an idea: the best conservation happens when land stays in the hands of private landowners.

For more information on all this, including times and locations, see the Take Action tab of Ispyradio.com

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