Kitz wants input on Energy Plan

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The Oregon “Conservation” League (i.e., the legalized-theft-and-destruction-of-private-property league) is mass-mailing an email saying Gov. Kitzhaber wants “input” on his 10-year Energy Plan for Oregon.

Take a listen: I Spy Minute Thurs July 26 2012

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Here are the links mentioned in the Minute:

Go here for details of the plan or just use this link to email the gov about his plan

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We all know what a fiasco green energy has been.

Well, let me clarify: those of us outside of government who don’t depend on special interest lobbyists for our money and who aren’t compelled to reward our friends and political allies with millions of tax payer dollars and those of us who aren’t making money off of Green energy all know what a fiasco green energy has been.

But I digress!

Right now, Oregon’s governor John Kitzhaber is taking comments on his draft of 10-year energy plan for the state of Oregon.

Now, before you get all judgmental and assume it’s just all about pushing more green energy, let’s take a look at the list of Oregon Conservation Members who support this:

1,000 friends of Oregon—

Okay, we can stop right there. No need to even talk about American Rivers, the Bicycle Alliance, Friends of this and Defenders of that.

If these folks are for it, you know it’s bad for the rest of us. Unless you consider less energy for more money a “good thing.”

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