Stand Aside, Citizen

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“Homeland Security” is rushing to gear up for “civil unrest” ahead of the elections – now 100 days off. They’re in such a hurry to procure riot helmets, thigh and groin protectors, hard-shell shin guards and other riot gear that they’re giving suppliers one day to respond to the RFP and requiring delivery in 15 days.

They also have ordered 450 million .40 cal. hollowpoint rounds. In view of the fact that we have the military to deal with external threats and that DHS exists solely to address internal threats, it appears as though they view essentially everyone in the country as a potential threat.

Last Wednesday, DHS head Big Sis Napolitano revealed plans to deploy spy drones for “public safety”, dsepite public concerns over privacy and the growing flap over EPA’s alleged use of drones to spy on farmers and ranchers.

And this morning, one of our most conservative Supreme Court Justices stated that the Second Amendment is not inviolable:

Justice Antonin Scalia, one of the Supreme Court’s most vocal and conservative justices, said on Sunday that the Second Amendment leaves room for U.S. legislatures to regulate guns, including menacing hand-held weapons.

“It will have to be decided in future cases,” Scalia said on Fox News Sunday. But there were legal precedents from the days of the Founding Fathers that banned frightening weapons which a constitutional originalist like himself must recognize. There were also “locational limitations” on where weapons could be carried, the justice noted.

And all the while, the U.N.’s Agenda 21 Agenda 21 logois being gleefully implemented by “progressive” politicians and their hordes of bureaucrats. Their LOST treaty may have been stopped in its tracks this time around by bipartisan Senate refusal to ratify, but it will – as Arnold famously said in the movie, Terminator – be back.

The level of corruption and arrogance within the Obama administration and its myriad agencies is breath-taking in its scope: who would ever have thought that a US Attorney General would participate in a murderous gun-running operation – and two years after its discovery, remain unincarcerated? Given what we know about DoJ, it seems overly optimistic to believe that, in light of recent events, the intentions of the folks at DHS are pure.

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