Doomsday in Marion County?

Posted on July 31, 2012 by


Tomorrow marks the start of the CCOs (Coordinated Care Organizations) in Marion and Polk Counties and about a hald-dozen other counties around Oregon.

CCOs are Obamacare (I mean Obamatax) arriving early in Oregon–and they’re due to start tomorrow.

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The word “doomsday” has its origins in the Old English “dom” (D O M), which meant a law or judgment.

“Doomsday” originally meant a day of judgment.

While tomorrow may not be doomsday in terms of a day of judgment or its modern meaning in the sense of ruin or destruction, it is the start of CCOs in Marion & Polk Counties.

Coordinated Care Organizations seek to save money while adding a huge bureaucracy to coordinate care for people.

Apparently, expensive doctors and hospitals weren’t expensive enough so Oregon thought it could save money by also paying for an expensive bureaucracy.


Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

Dom also had the sense of accounting, as in the Domesday Book, which was William the Conqueror’s accounting or inventory of his new domain.

And the accounting for CCOs doesn’t make sense either. We’re getting $1.9 billion to save 2% on Medicaid, which means we’re spending 1.9 billion to save 500 million…?

Hm. Maybe we are doomed.