Congress Empowers President To Make Appointments Without Senate Confirmation

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Congress just gave the Executive Branch the power to fill over 3000 positions with no confirmation hearings or oversight from the Senate.  What on earth possessed the Republican-controlled House to go along with this scheme?

Fox News reports:

The House gave final congressional approval Tuesday to a bill that would save the slow-paced Senate some time by eliminating the need for confirming nominees to some 170 executive branch jobs and 3,000 military officer positions.

The vote for this rare instance of streamlining Senate procedures was 261-116. The bill goes to the White House for President Barack Obama’s signature.

The bill also establishes a five-year term for the nation’s census director, to ensure that the position is separated from politics and the election-year calendar. In 2010, there was no director in place for that year’s census until months before the count started. In 1990, it was one week before the count. The position still would require Senate confirmation.

At the start of the Obama administration, there were 1,215 executive branch positions that required Senate confirmation. President John F. Kennedy, elected in 1960, had only 286 positions to fill but the number had jumped to 914 by the end of the Clinton administration in January 2001.

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If the complaint is that the president has too many offices to fill for the senate to confirm them in a timely manner, I have the perfect solution: ELIMINATE ALL THESE BUREAUCRATIC POSITIONS!    Our country ran smoothly for over 200 years without all these busybodies in D.C.  gobbling up taxpayer money to run our lives.

The solution is NOT to empower the Executive Branch with near dictatorial powers.   The solution is to go back to the constitution and get rid of every department, agency and program that doesn’t fall under the limited, enumerated powers therein!   Do that, and the senate will have no problem confirming the 5% of presidential appointees that actually have constitutional legitimacy.

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