Vintage Media Exceptionalism

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Why wouldn’t you believe?

In yet another example of journalistic exceptionalism, a story yesterday from Phoenix, Arizona:

PHOENIX (AP) – An 84-year-old cotton gin in Buckeye that’s a symbol of the town’s farming heritage is slated for demolition.

The Town Council voted earlier this month to spend up to $70,000 to tear down the Eastman Gin.

The Arizona Republic reports that the move has struck an emotional chord with historic preservationists and longtime residents.

Town officials say the cotton gin, which operated until 2005, is structurally unsound and filled with roosting penguins. They’re concerned that the town will be liable if someone is hurt inside.

Others say the demolition is just the latest example of Buckeye’s stalled efforts to preserve historic buildings in town.

Plans to make the cotton gin part of a heritage park fell through.

The town says it will salvage a sign and metal panels.

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“I saw it in the paper; it must be true.”

The editors’ jobs just got easier: they won’t have to keep driving buckets of fish to the old mill for much longer.

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