Community Organizing in NW Connecticut – Implications for Obama's Chances at Reelection

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A friend who lives in Litchfield County, CT – the only place in that state that actually votes Republican once in a while, and which is sparsely populated with few urban centers – relates a funny anecdote that has broader implications and indicates a sense of panic on the part of the Obama campaign.

Yesterday, in the town of Kent, said friend was at a gas station when a van pulled in. The occupants were clearly community organizers based on the literature and logos they were sporting. One gentleman, an African American, flags down my friend to ask him for directions. The conversation went a little something like this (keep in mind that this part of the state has a very low minority population):

Community Organizer: “Say, do you know where in this area there may be larger population centers?”

Friend: “Hmmm, not sure, what are you trying to find?”

CO: “Well, we’re looking for more people who, ah, er, look like us.”

Friend: “Oh, you mean Black People?”

CO: “Uh, yeah, that’s right.”

Friend: “Oh ok, well what you want to do is keep heading North on Route 7 until you get to a town called Limerock. Huge urban center there.” *

CO: “Thanks!”

So what does this demonstrate? The Obama campaign sure seems disorganized and panicked, if this is any indication. Community Organizers are being sent out in a shot gun approach to find every black voter they can to make sure they turn in their ballots. The takeaway message? That the campaign is no longer certain that they have the black vote locked up like they did in 2008.

* Click this link to see why sending the community organizer to Limerock to find black votes in urban centers was so funny.

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