Let It Flow, Let It Flow…Portland Bureau of "Environmental Services"

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Naturally, the team of crack journalists at The Zero got it wrong:

A sewage spill closed off a portion of Fanno Creek Trail in Southwest Portland Friday night.

About five gallons of sewage per minute was “streaming” along the trail, the Portland Bureau of Environmental Services said in a statement.

Wrong on both counts: the “spill” wasn’t in Southwest Portland, but about a mile to the west – in Washington County. And the incompetent agency’s own release state that 50 gallons per minute – not five, as reported in The Zero – was occurring. BES said that over 15,000 gallons of raw sewage was involved.

This has happened time and again at the Portland-owned and operated pump facility in Washington County. BES has repeatedly replaced substandard sewage lines with other substandard lines, at taxpayer expense. Nobody is ever held to account for their massive screwups. People in the area are getting a little tired of Portland sewage filling their basements, closing trails, and more.

You wonder if Portland Bureau of Environmental Services personnel stand guard at the closed trails to ensure that no wildlife enters the area. Actually no – you don’t.

These are the same geniuses who decided to arbitrarily slap an “environmeddle overlay” on my last property, which they insisted then gave them the right to dictate how I could manage “my” property. Obviously, they can’t manage their own – much less anybody else’s.

The media reported that no sewage entered Fanno Creek – unlikely, as the BES pump station is built on its banks. Makes you wonder why they now say that the public should avoid contact with Fanno Creek – a tributary of the Tualatin River, which in turn feeds the Willamette River. It’s a curiosity.

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