The Liberal Bubble

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Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. That’s life inside the Liberal Bubble–where none of your own policies matter  (unless they’re good) and the only policies that are held accountable are those of your opponent (unless they’re good).

Obama’s on his stump, trying to say the “policies of the past” have failed. But wait. Hasn’t he been in charge the last three years?

He also says top-down or trickle-down doesn’t work. Well, it’s time to coin a new phrase for Obama’s policies.

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It must be nice to live your life inside a bubble, completely divorced from anything you’ve done, said, voted on, or that pesky little thing: reality.

This is what passes for liberal “thinking” — life in a bubble. You isolate a moment of reality and that becomes reality. It’s how a warm summer equals global warming.

It’s why Bush’s economy was “bad” but your economy—which is twice as bad—all sorts of excuses are allowed: blame Bush. The evil rich. Not enough four-leaf clovers.

Obama says we shouldn’t go back to the policies of the past. That we’ve tried top-down economics and they’ve failed.

Except, Mr. President, your policies are part of history. They’re now part of the policies of the past.

Top down economics believe job creators will create more jobs if we allow them to keep more of what they make. They do. That’s proven fact.

But allow me to coin a phrase: bottom-down.

Obama’s policies have taken the bottom and lowered it: fewer workers, more unemployed, millions more on food stamps.

Here’s reality: Who’s more likely to create a job? A business owner or someone on welfare?