Well, There They Go Again

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English: Nancy Pelosi photo portrait as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You won’t hear about it in the lamestream media, but Nanny Pelosi and the Jackson boys a few months ago demonstrated what Chicago values are all about: they forced state agency employees to attend their rally – at taxpayers’ expense.

Documents and a whistle-blower affidavit obtained by The Daily Caller charge that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Illinois Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., and Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., participated in an unethical — and possibly illegal — effort to force 76 employees of an Illinois state agency to engage in political activity on the taxpayers’ dime.

The state agency employees allegedly ordered to attend were reimbursed as well for travel, lodging, and other expenses – all paid by taxpayers. Although state laws vary, it is illegal in Oregon for any public employee to engage in political activity of any sort during working hours – including use of public equipment, facilities, utilities, and communications – even if you support Democrats.

Meanwhile, over in Danville, Virginia, Vice President “Joltin’ Joe” Biden somnolentlysolemnly informed a crowd of perhaps as many as 600 supporters that Republicans would “put y’all back in chains.” At least it’s a positive campaign – Joe and his pals are positive that Republicans are negative. What a statesman!

Also unreported in the lamestream media: Detective Michael Zullo has allegedly proven beyond doubt that Barky’s “birth certificate” is a forgery, and he’s surprised that a month following the revelation, the media have not only blacked out the story, but treated him to outright hostility.

Detective Michael Zullo is surprised to say the least. He is chief investigator for Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse looking into the authenticity of President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate. At a recent press conference, he presented his evidence, which he says points to forgery. He expected the media to follow up with questions about the evidence. What he got was unabashed hostility.

“I really didn’t expect them to come out of the gate attacking us as they did,” Mr. Zullo said.

How charmingly naive: he didn’t tell them what they wanted to hear, and was surprised by their reaction.

Notice, if you will, a couple of unifying features among these seemingly disparate stories: all involve Democrats engaging in illegal activities, falsification, and coverup. And all of the coverups were assisted by the vintage media.

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