The Stupid Is Strong In Washington State

Posted on August 19, 2012 by


Evidently determined to cement their position in the irrelevant minor party niche, the libertarians are at it again. And they wonder why they’re never taken seriously.

OLYMPIA — The Libertarian Party has filed a lawsuit to block Mitt Romney from the November ballot in Washington state, arguing that the GOP no longer qualifies as a major political party.

Granted, Washington state has some pretty odd rules in regard to elections; among them being the rule allowing parties to qualify as major political parties if their presidential tickets get more than 5 percent of the vote in the last White House vote. Somehow, the Libtards have convinced themselves that Republicans somehow didn’t get 5% of the Washington vote in 2008. Democrats there are good at suddenly “finding” ballots that were somehow “overlooked”, as governor Queen Christine’s election demonstrated not once, but three times – that’s how many “recounts” it took the Dems to finally hand her the election. But even Democrats can’t misplace that many Republican votes.

Sorry, Libtards – you lose. As usual.

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