Not To Be Used For Information Purposes

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Portland’s fire chief takes things very seriously, and in light of the appalling statistics associated with fire-dancers in the city (zero major injuries, zero deaths, zero accidents) she’s taking a tough stance. She’s issued an order banning such practices unless spectators are kept at least 25 feet away from the performers.

Although no major injuries have been reported over the years in Portland, officials commonly cite the notorious Station Nightclub fire in Rhode Island in 2003, when fire used in a rock act got out of control and left 100 people dead.

Once again, our media valiantly covers a “story” without bothering to check the facts. Had they done so, it might have occurred to them to note that the Great White fire resulted from the use ofpyrotechnics (often referred to as fireworks) in an enclosed space that lacked exits. Though tragic, the event was caused by exploding fireworks and a nightclub policy that severely restricted entrance to and egress from the venue – not by fire or fire-dancing.

“Portland officials” blatantly lie to the citizenry, and the media simply play along. It has literally got to the point where their output is to be consumed for entertainment purposes only.

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