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Posted on September 6, 2012 by


Barky’s NLRB, having been repeatedly smacked with rolled-up writs, may finally be starting to catch onto the fact that they can’t unilaterally deprive people of their right to vote on whether or not to join a union, no matter how much the NLRB’s union buddies might push to replace ballots with “card check” intimidation tactics. After threatening to sue four states for daring to enact laws protecting the secret ballot, NLRB decided (naturally, as the feds always do) to sue Arizona. Arizona won; the Barky administration has once again peed away taxpayer dollars on frivolous litigation aimed at diminishing states’ rights.

On the other hand, his DoJ actually won a case – against Shep Fairey, the guy who made the famous “hype” poster during Barkey’s last run. It turned out that AP sued him for copyright infringement because he used an AP photo as the basis for constructing his “hype” poster – reaping wealth and fame in so doing. In other words, he’s a Democrat. Hard to believe that they threw him under the bus. Maybe he didn’t contribute a sufficient amount to the campaign this time around.

Whatever you do, don’t forget: Barky’s big coronation speech happens tonight in an intimate venue. The food folks over at Toby’s Toons have put together a Bingo card for you to mark as you endure the soaring oratory:

Have fun!