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Parasite (film)

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It’s almost like “shark week” on the Discovery Channel. You cruise happily along for months, and then all of a sudden one day, horror stories hit the news. Just like that; the spigot’s been turned.

So it is today, as CDC and others warn:

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Researchers are warning about a dangerous parasite found in dust, as well as sea, pool and tap water, that could cause blindness to contact lens users.

The acanthamoeba parasite has the potential to gnaw through the eyeball of an exposed contact lens wearer, which results in blindness.

In other words, it’s potentially everywhere. Best prevention: clean lenses with sterile saline, not tap water. Don’t swim with lenses in place. Left unmentioned is perhaps the best advice of all: don’t wear contact lenses.

But it gets better: Neurocysticercosis is becoming more common in the USA, particularly in the West. It’s caused when a tapeworm migrates into the brain, dies, and calcifies.

According to a January 2012 study in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, California bears much of the burden with 304 hospitalized cases in 2009, the most recent year for which statistics exist. Eighty-five percent of patients in California were identified as Latino, and 72 percent were reported in the southern half of the state.

Immigrants traveling between countries, such as migrant workers, are often unwitting tapeworm hosts, transporting the disease across borders in their guts.

It appears that Scientific American, like so many other media outlets, eschews the more accurate term: illegal aliens. But let’s not be so politically-correct; let’s stop beating about the bush, shall we? The fact of the matter is that this is precisely why we have immigration laws which require, among other things, a thorough health screening.

Although it’s fashionable among the Left to pity the poor illegals, referring to them inaccurately as “undocumented workers” or “undocumented immigrants”, they represent a very real health threat to Americans and to legal immigrants, and they impose enormous costs on our health care systems. And don’t trot out the tired canard about how they’re needed to pick berries or what-not: I remember when corn was de-tassled by hand, and harvested by hand. Machines are faster – and cleaner. Similar technology could be applied to lettuce and other produce; it’s simply cheaper – and less sanitary – to hire illegal aliens.

Meanwhile, our home-grown parasites are clotting up the legal system here in Portland; trials got underway Wednesday as the local Occutards claimed that kicking them out of downtown parks unconstitutionally abrograted their rights to free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to defecate on cop cars, and other rights.

After an encampment lasting five weeks, the city ordered police in November 2011 to evict Occupy Portland from Lownsdale and Chapman squares. Among those arrested during the evictions was Cameron Matta who’d allegedly thrown a firecracker at police on horseback.

Home video showed Matta’s arrest after fellow protesters pointed to him as the culprit.

The treatment that these poor folks suffered brings tears to the eyes. Apparently, they’re hoping to find sympathy. They’re looking in the wrong place. They can find that in the dictionary: it’s right there between “shit” and “syphilis”. Gotta love that Matta’s own crowd outed him for being a jerk. Evidently there were some decent sorts involved there.

Reportedly, the Iranian brain-trust is convinced that the Occutards will bring down the “Great Satan”, and Hamas thinks so, too – so much so that Hamas leader Ismail Hanneya wrote a letter to be read by his favorite lawyer, Stanley Cohen, to Occupy Charlotte. His words of wisdom and encouragement:

I send the heartfelt greetings of the Palestinian people, as we salute you in your fight against the American military machine, against its secrets and lies, and against its vision of an American world order maintained through coercion and control. You bring your protest straight to the heart of the political system, there in Charlotte, and we are there with you in spirit, we Occupy Charlotte with you!

Those terror-lovers have chosen sides, and they’ve really mis-called the situation: the Occutards not only haven’t gained any traction, they’ve just ticked off many Americans. The group that seems poised to make some substantive changes are the loose aggregation of Independents, conservative Democrats (yes, they exist!), conservative Republicans, and Libertarians who are collectively known as the TEA party. And they’re not too keen on Hamas and their buddies, either.

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