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Medical marijuana usa

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According to some, what is needed here is a mixture of pot and politics; a sort of grass-roots potlitical movement to move us all in the direction long advocated by King (no, not Dr. King; think Rodney): can’t we all just get along? Rodney, it must be remembered, was a noted authority on the subject; he didn’t beat around the bush and “experiment” with drugs – he was into full-scale research, as comic Gallagher once decribed it. And so it is that an art dealer in San Francisco today graces the New York Times with his description of life as a “medical” pot user.

THE youngest of my three daughters was born around the same time I became a card-carrying medical cannabis patient. Even though I was only 44, I’d been suffering from occasional back pain. I also suffered bouts of stress, compounded by anxiety. The causes were unknown, but there seemed to be a correlation with work deadlines and flying coach with three children under the age of 5. Sometimes it got so bad I had trouble falling asleep at night, leaving me groggy and irritable.

So, in 2010, I resolved to seek medical help. I received a thorough physical examination from my CannaMed doctor, who checked not only my pulse but my blood pressure as well. 

In a nutshell, then, the “patient” was found to be alive, following this “thorough” physical exam. That’s a good thing, as it would likely be a mistake to “prescribe” pot for a dead guy.

You can understand why a 44-year-old art dealer would have back problems; it’s got to be sheer purgatory, hauling paintings around, showing them to prospective customers, and all. Pot not only fixes that, it makes him happy to be around his kids, too. It’s a miracle cure, though it may not be for everyone:

And I’m not suggesting that all stressed-out fathers should just get baked. You might even get a ticket for it in some states. And let’s not forget the health risks, which are rumored to possibly exist. I’ve heard that even a small amount of marijuana can impair short-term memory function. It might also affect short-term memory function.

You might also find yourself voting for Democrats.

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